Take me to the sea

Have you ever found your happy place? A place where life can be raging around you and you feel at peace?

Growing up I was always drawn to the Ocean... almost like it was where I was always meant to be.

A feeling of home!

I could instantly relax, unwind and feel at peace with the sand between my toes, the waves crashing on the shore and the smell of the salty air.

Yes, sure, no beach would be the same without the sounds of sea gulls squawking in the background.... but they somehow let you know you are by the ocean.

Living in Australia we are blessed with the most beautiful beaches in the world.... white sand, clear blue water.... sometimes even turquoise! Some of my most memorable moments are by the ocean.

I will never forget when I moved to New Zealand, my Mum and I had not been to the beach in a week and we were missing it. We decided to take a trip to the nearest beach in Ashburton, Canterbury. We drove past fields (yes filled with sheep), down a track, and we ...... arrived??? What? Where is the beach? Sure there was water... sand? Where is the sand??? What do you mean there is no sand? Rocks? Are you serious?

We decided to go for a walk on the rocks! We opened the door and stepped outside... ouch! What was that? We were bitten by sand flies (boy did they hurt)! We jumped back in the car, scratching our bites and laughed! We just sat there for what seemed like hours and just stared out to sea! 

Or the time that my husband and I went to France and stepped onto the beach in the middle of winter, layer upon layer of clothing. It was FREEZING!!  There were people swimming in the water.... I remember thinking I know that the French are tough, but what are they thinking??? I bent down and felt the water and it was warm... beautiful ...like a bath! I had never felt anything like it! 

I remember when we took our first born to the beach for the first time... I remember ever moment... right down to what he was wearing! 

The ocean has so many memories for me! If I am feeling the weight of the world slowly trying to creep in, the beach is where I find my peace!

I love the scripture "It is well, with my Soul" for that is surely me by the ocean.... It is well with my soul!